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Let’s face it, life can be stressful! It takes a lot of time and energy managing your household and staying on top of your day-to-day activities. When you partner with Blu-Star Installs AV, LLC, you take advantage of the leading smart systems and technology integrations that simplify your life, including our smart home capabilities from Control4. This is your chance to transition to a smart home setup that makes life at home more convenient, safer, and cozy while getting peace of mind from an easy-to-use system. Partner with Blu-Star Installs AV, LLC for the very best in new and innovative smart home technology.


Why Integrate Smart Home Technology?

  • Improved Home Security

  • Convenience

  • Enhanced Comfort

  • Remote Access To Home Functions

Smart home technology creates an inviting environment that puts you at ease. From knowing that you locked your doors and that your security cameras are on to climate control with personalized comfort settings that are both intuitive and can be manually set at any point, a smart home system from Blu-Star Installs AV, LLC is tailored to your needs.

Stay Connected While Simplifying Your Space

When you begin cultivating your smart home, Blu-Star Installs AV, LLC implements the smart home system by Control4.

Why Control4?

The smart home technology of Control4 seamlessly orchestrates communication between all of your devices, and allows you to add smart home features that you want for a more private, personalized, and secure way to do life at home.

Explore below some features you might add to your smart home!

Smart Home Icons_Blue_Starting Your Day.png

Starting Your Day

Include smart home features that help get your day started by opening the shades gradually and customizing the temperature, all while your favorite morning news program is on.

Smart Home Icons_Blue_Work Mode.png

Work Mode

As you leave for the day, rely on your smart home to turn off all the lights, systematically lock all the doors, arm the security system, set the temperature, and ensures the garage door is closed.

Smart Home Icons_Blue_Coming Home.png

Coming Home

After a long day at work, the Control4 smart home system turns on the exterior lights, closes the garage door behind you, and welcomes you with your favorite playlist serenading you!

Smart Home Icons_Blue_Meals.png


Prep for dinner with the lights at their brightest for chopping and stirring, while you enjoy cooking to your favorite TV show in the background.

Smart Home Icons_Blue_Entertainment.png


From illuminating your backyard to playing your favorite music, make entertaining easy and effortless with smart home capabilities.

Smart Home Icons_Blue_Turning In.png

Turning In

When it’s time to say goodnight, Control4 puts itself into sleep mode and assists you by turning off all the lights and electronics, while adjusting the perfect thermostat temperature for sleep.

Smart Home Products & Solutions

Get a helping hand from smart home products and solutions from Blu-Star Installs AV, LLC, in partnership with Control4.

  • Smart Home OS

  • Whole Home

  • Climate and Comfort

  • Home Network

  • Home Security

  • Home Theater

  • Intercom Anywhere

  • Multi-room Audio

  • Smart Lighting

  • Universal Remote

  • Voice Control

Learn More About Control 4:

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